Environmental Education: How important is it to our kids?



Click here to view the photo set of our last adventure to Wadi Al Waleh four days ago.

Special thanks to Mohammed Bayatsi and his great team! The kids were amazingly well-trained… well done!!

We believe that such activities are essential to our kids in Jordan. It is what makes them love their environment, know how to enjoy it, respect it and protect it.



Eco regards,

Terhaal Team




10 Responses to Environmental Education: How important is it to our kids?

  1. Rasha says:

    Guys I’ve been keeping an eagle’s eye from Egypt on the blog and really enjoy reading everything new you post. Needless to say that the pictures are just spectacular! Can big kids join your adventures too?

    Rasha Mehyar.

  2. Rakan says:

    Lol! Dearest Rasha, big kids are always welcome =) We are working on developing some interesting holidays for you in Jordan. Hopefully very soon they will be published with the rest of the website… We sincerely appreciate your interest and all your valuable comments! Thank you.

  3. Tala Bint Bassam says:

    Of course big kids are welcomed!!

    I like the idea that we are taking part in raising new generation in Jordan who love and attached to their own country appreciate its nature and beauty and aware of its environmental challenges.

  4. Rasha says:

    Thanks!! You guys have got yourself a HUGE FAN. To be honest am totally in love with the blog- it’s pretty unique for Jordan and I’ve read most of your postings which make me totally ecstatic to the extent of wanting to just grab my backpack, auto stop any plane on the way to Jordan and do some parashoot landing on Ajloon, little Petra or even Wadi Himara!!

    I can see a lot of potential just round the corner, coming from a group of enthusiastic young Jordanians who love their country. Though am far-something like Terhaal makes me feel very close and proud of my country. Good Luck!! :) :)

  5. Saad says:

    Great site and activity Rakan – keep it up! Hope we can do a joint activity one day "Hike & Bike"

  6. Ramroom says:

    It is really nice what you guys have done out there.

    I think kids need to be taught that all over the Middle East. We really lack this kind of activities :(

  7. bigdaddy says:

    As amatter of fact your site is not bad as starters,It would have been greater and of more value if the main page contain a choice of ARABIC VERSION to the site becouse it should be directed to arab and moslem world first then to the other world ????????

  8. Terhaal Team says:

    Thank you for your comment Bigdaddy!

    As a matter of fact, We do not think this site should be directed FIRST to Arabs and Muslems. It is directed evenly to all people no matter where they come from and what religion they follow- whether Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism or even Native Indian religions!

    Anyhow, for now English is by consensus a global business language. In the future we might consider having a multi-language website in order to satisfy people like you.

  9. Omar Shaheen says:

    Well, the pictures are good… and the fact they are categorized by location makes it more useful for those planning vacations.

    Arabic as a language is not what characterizes what value a website should have just because it is dealing with the Middle East; for instance most of the Muslim world does not speak Arabic in the first place! The material, the scope, and above all the message of a website are what really matters today. As for the language, everybody is using English today to appeal to the widest possible audience in a culturally open Cyber space.

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