Wadi Manshala: A Hidden Haven

Rakan Mehyar
After a five-day training session on rappelling and canyoning techniques we’ve hit the road to one of Madaba’s most beautiful hidden canyons – Wadi Manshala. One cannot imagine the beauty that lies down there: breathtaking series of waterfalls with abundant little pools, travertine deposits along the wadi creating draperies and chimneys in endless shapes, ravines crowded with palm trees, and many water springs!

I won’t say much more; I’ll let the photos tell the whole adventure…

Thanks to Mohammad Biadsi for all the great photos!


6 Responses to Wadi Manshala: A Hidden Haven

  1. Jad says:

    do you guys arrange such trips?

  2. Mazz says:

    i was actually just thinking the same thing.

    i seriously need to go to these places as i’m somewhat of a photographer and i want to capture the best of jordan.

  3. terhaal says:

    Well, thank you both for your interest… Yes we will be arranging such trips starting this spring season… Please subscribe to our mailing list so that we keep you updated once we launch our spring trip calender.

  4. Omar says:

    Yella, cant wait to go on such trips!

  5. laithz says:

    Very nice. Looking forward to going with you guys.

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