Wadi Zarqa Ma’in: Top to bottom

by Hamza Jilani
Already an adventure nut and climber, I felt myself magnetically drawn to the vertical sport of abseiling after meeting Rakan and Tala. This trip to Zarqa Ma’in’s upper canyonwas a first for me, and was laden with quite a few unexpected surprises. The first thing I noticed was that the girls on the trip outnumbered the guys by a ratio of 2:1. Blame PlayStation!After an hour’s ride down twisting roads in the hills, we were briefed about the day ahead of us by the instructors (Rakan and Tala) and began making our way into the wadi. You wouldn’t believe how many times the landscape can change in just a couple of kilometers! A typically dry canyon with an array of colorful mountains at first site, we soon found ourselves making our way through thick bush lining a pristine river, greeting mountain nomads, and then swimming across pools of cool water. All of these stunning sights were merely a prelude to the main attraction of the trip – the training followed by the first of two gorgeous waterfalls to be abseiled.

I was impressed with the professionalism and enthusiasm the instructors conveyed. They were extremely precise and knowledgeable about their sport and the terrain. However, to the observer, they take their vocation to an art level! Way to go, guys!

What really trips you out about abseiling is that most times you can’t see what you’re getting into from the top of the waterfall or cliff you’re standing on before you descend. It’s soooo worth it. Just make sure to wear gloves because the ropes can blister your hands.

This is definitely a sport I’m going to get into, especially in Jordan where pervasively carved wadis to abseil are all over the country!

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