Experiencing Wadi Al Karak

We’ve been on several hikes around Jordan, and Wadi Al Karakis definitely one of the most wonderful we’ve seen. It offers a wide variety of scenery, greenery, colorful rock formations, and waterfalls. And believe it or not, even on a hot summer day, this Wadi was most enjoyable; the shaded Siqs, the accompanying stream and multiple waterfalls provided us with just the right cooling we needed.Although this Wadi can be hiked in one day, Terhaal programmed it over two days instead with an overnight camp, which we though was a great idea. This gave us more time to enjoy what this Wadi has to offer, and the overnight camp provided an even more authentic experience. Not only was the evening around the campfire fun and enjoyable, but seeping in the arms of nature, under the glittery skies, by the sound of the waterfall right next to us, and the even louder sound of the frogs that kept welcoming us throughout the night; wow, that was a most relaxing night! The singing birds all over were trying hard to wake us up as early as they did the next morning, and for those of us who insisted on sleeping anyway, Rakan’s wake up call -although soft and nature like- ensured that we didn’t! Well, he wanted us all to start early to enjoy the day the longest possible, and he was right. The Wadi had still so much more to offer.The abseils which we did were amazing; over the cliffs and under the waterfalls. We are in nature safety conscious; but Terhaal’s safety measures throughout the hike were up to standards. Moreover, their pleasant and enjoyable company, and their profound passion for nature made it a real joy for us.

This trip was definitely worth it, and we would do this and others with Terhaal over and over again.

Thank you Rakan, Oudai, Mohammad, Oxana, and Ra’ad for a most memorable hike.

Batoul and Talal

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