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Jordan who? Why? Oh I’ll tell you why!

In Wadi Rum Jordan

Cancoon, did it. Thailand, did it. Europe, did it. And on and on, just like everyone else. But Jordan? What’s a Jordan? Where is that?

Finding out about Jordan was a learning experience. And by that, I mean I learned just how much of what I don’t know about what’s out there in the world! The more I found out the more I thought, ‘I just have to book a holiday tour in Jordan. I just have to.’

What’s cool about Jordan is that no one has ever heard about it and they actually want to know all about it.

Once my friends and family found out that a holiday in Jordan would actually mean being in the Middle East, well, they had concerns about my safety and the weather. Jordan is a super safe place because its leadership and it’s people keep friendly relations with everyone. And no, it’s not all desert! But what’s wrong with the desert again? Wadi Rum is a Mars real estate on Earth!

And the weather is just perfect!

post and photo by Jackline Nails

In Wadi Rum Jordan

Jordan kicked my butt!

Wadi Dana trek

Terhaal said they offer tours and trekking in Jordan. It’d be fun, they said! I’m still sore from all the hiking in Jordan! I couldn’t help myself, there was just so much to see! A Jordan holiday is great, whether you’re on your own, with a friend or planning to take your whole family to Jordan for a holiday.

Jordan tour operator Terhaal will put the whole package together. I literally just Skyped with Asil, told her what I want and BOOM it was done and ready for my taking, just like that. Holiday planning needs flexibility and support. Terhaal planned our Jordan holiday tour from A to Z and the guides were great.

Dealing with load and hyper kids is no one’s walk in the park, but the guides didn’t even see my children as a problem, instead, instantly became apart of the family and kept the pace up for everyone! (Which is probably why I’m so sore LOL). Asil and the rest of the team, thank you so much for making this Jordan holiday so great. We’ll be back!!

 post and photo by Jamie Reed