The Royal Wings Magazine Writes About Terhaal

Click on the photo to view the article in pdf format

This is the article which was published about Terhaal’s co-founders in the Royal Wings magazine January-February 2007.

This edition of the Royal Wings magazine is distributed onboard all Royal Jordanian flights – the national carrier of Jordan.

Special thanks to Chief Editor Eddie Taylor for his support and nice words.

Terhaal Team

3 Responses to The Royal Wings Magazine Writes About Terhaal

  1. Rebecca says:

    I saw the article and meant to tell you "Congratulations". May it lead to bigger things!

  2. terhaal says:

    Thank you Rebecca..


  3. Maha Jamal says:

    Got to read article in Dubai. A copy of Royal Wings magazine was picked up by Khalto Dala on the plane, going towards Dubai. Congratulations Rakan & Tala. Happy to see you working together. Lots of work on the way during the coming few months ! having a very busy schedule, don’t forget to organise for your wedding :)

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