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“Two hours waiting in the sun…”

Feedback on Wadi Zarqa Ma’in canyoning adventure

By Wilma Bromilow

“The long waintin times before and after abseiling. Two hours waiting in the sun, is really too long. Perhaps the groups can be made smaller next time! ”

“I have done many hiking trips but…”

Feedback on Wadi Zarqa Ma’in canyoning adventure

By Maali Qasem

“I have done many hiking trips but very few were as well managed and handled by the guide as this one making it a very enjoyable and stress free trip. Thank you so much for putting in so much effort to ensure our safety and enjoyment.”

“The attention to safety… was paramount”

Feedback on Wadi Zarqa Ma’in canyoning adventure

By Steve & Otilia Lennox

“Our recent trip to Wadi Zarqa on the 11 July 2008 was truly exhilarating, enjoyable and pleasurable experience; being able to navigate and rappel through some of the most stunning and spectacular sights Jordan has to offer was wonderful; this is a must for individuals who want a break away from the norm and put some energy back into an outdoor pursuit…

The attention to safety for all during the trip was seen to be of a very high standard and executed by very confident and experienced guides; particular attention to detail for safety was paramount at the rappel stages; with all of our group being able to enjoy the experience “many and inclusive of my wifeâ€‌ for the first time abseil-rappelling over some very challenging cliffs and verticals.

As a former member of the British army with some experience of this type of activities; I would have no hesitation in giving my personal recommendation in relation to this trip being a thoroughly enjoyable, challenging but safe experience.

Don’t forget your camera!!!

Looking forward to more trips with you!

All the best to Terhaal

Steve&Otilia Lennox ”