Wadi Abu El Asal: First Foot In

by rakan mehyar

Finding no traces for any ropes or abseiling stations even in places where Bedouins cannot reach, we beleive that we are the first team to go canyoning through this magnificent wadi!

For those canyoning and abseiling lovers, this wadi has much to offer. It receives you with a 50 m waterfall of dried travertine drapes followed by a straight-cut waterfall of 93 m, then continues with a series of smaller waterfalls where abseiling is definitely unavoidable. At its upper reaches, Wadi Abu El Asal owns one of the most facinating panoramas for the Dead Sea. Palm trees and water cascades are scattered along the way.
The wadi connects with Wadi Himara and continues west to reach the Dead Sea.

This trail was very demanding, we only recommend it for those advanced abseilors. Special thanks go to Ilan for the great expertise which led us through this amazing adventure!

Click here to view our photo collection.

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