Water Youth Camp – FOEME

Photos by Bayatsi

Upon the request of Friends of the Earth Middle East- FOEME Good Water Neighbors project, we have the pleasure to post the whole photo set of their last Water Youth Camp which took place in Jordan…


We were very impressed by the great efforts put to bring together school kids from different communities at both sides of the Jordan and take them on an educational field trip exploring some examples of the water resources in Jordan. Thank you for allowing us to participate!

Also special thanks go to Mohammed Bayatsi for providing these nice photos.

Green regards,

Terhaal Team


3 Responses to Water Youth Camp – FOEME

  1. Chadi says:

    How hard it is to build and how easy it is to destroy!

  2. Ibrahim says:

    is there a way to join your group or do you have office or somthing in Amman?

    I love this kind of trips and i love to take photos for such a places in jordan…

  3. Terhaal Team says:

    Dear Ibrahim,

    Thank you for your comment and interest. I have checked your photos at flickr; they are wonderful.

    In a couple of weeks we are launching a full website offering a variety of nature activities and adventures in Jordan. It will be under terhaal.com along with this blog… so keep coming back!

    Thanks and take care.

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