Little Petra…

By Rakan Mehyar

That day we decided we’d like to enter Little Petra from the other side, so we went off-road to reach a place called Al-Farsh overlooking Wadi Araba. We sat on a cliff for an hour enjoying the view before continuing our short trek towards the Dark Siq (or gorge) of Little Petra.

Little Petra is located 10 km from the main site of Petra. You cannot really compare both sites; some say that the Nabateans started to carve their tombs there, but stopped because they didn’t like the sandstone. Others say the Nabateans designed Little Petra as a decoy in order to confuse the Romans when they tried to invade! Who know’s?!





One Response to Little Petra…

  1. Mark Seren says:

    Petra is impressive but usually too much tourists inside. Taking such back trails and finding different routes sounds like a good idea… Although the Lonely Planet can be a useful tool for travelling, one should try to look for different trails.

    All in all I can only say that I’ve had two wonderful weeks in Jordan!

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