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Experiencing Wadi Al Karak

We’ve been on several hikes around Jordan, and Wadi Al Karakis definitely one of the most wonderful we’ve seen. It offers a wide variety of

“A few thoughts of Jordan”

Feedback on Jordan Dynamic- a 9 day adventure holiday. By Elizabeth Shoreland “On touching down in Amman my perception of Jordon – somewhat naively – was

Wadi Zarqa Ma’in: Top to bottom

by Hamza Jilani Already an adventure nut and climber, I felt myself magnetically drawn to the vertical sport of abseiling after meeting Rakan and Tala.

The Royal Wings Magazine Writes About Terhaal

Click on the photo to view the article in pdf format This is the article which was published about Terhaal’s co-founders in the Royal Wings

Wadi Abu El Asal: First Foot In

by rakan mehyar Finding no traces for any ropes or abseiling stations even in places where Bedouins cannot reach, we beleive that we are the

Zarqat Ma’in: A Gorgeous Little Canyon

by rakan mehyarDuring another training session in the Jordanian canyons, we decided to explore Wadi Zarqa Ma’in (upper gorge) – one of the nicest little

Wadi Manshala: A Hidden Haven

By Rakan MehyarAfter a five-day training session on rappelling and canyoning techniques we’ve hit the road to one of Madaba’s most beautiful hidden canyons –

Canyons Expedition – Abseiling Wadi Himara

Photos by Biadsi & Rakan Click here to view all photos By Rakan Mehyar The exact itinerary was not too clear to us, the only

Abseiling Training Session – Terhaal Team

Photos by Biadsi & Amer Click here to view all photos These photos are from our rappelling training session last month. We’d like to thank

The Dead Sea’s Revenge